It's not a deal, it's a steal...

There is light at the end of the tunnel... As we get closer to the end of lockdown, it's time to get back outside and what better way than to do so in a new Motorhome? The UK is your oyster! Feel safe traveling around in the comfort of your own motorhome, with your own facilities enjoying what the UK has to offer. With HUGE Savings across our selected Auto-Trail range, how can you say no to a 21 Reg Motorhome? AND if you buy now, we will have your motorhome ready to be picked up as soon as lockdown lifts so you can start your spring adventures...

P.s reserve your selected motorhome with us today and receive a FREE Habitation Check if you go ahead with the purchase!

*Motorhomes must be ordered before the 30th of April 2021 to redeem the FREE Hab Check to be used in 2022.

Auto-Trail Tracker EB Lo-Line

WAS: £59,995.00

NOW: £54,495.00

Auto-Trail Tracker EKS

WAS: £55,995.00

NOW: £49,995.00

Auto-Trail Apache 634

WAS: £59,995.00

NOW: £54,495.00

Auto-Trail Tracker EB

WAS: £59,995.00

NOW: £55,495.00

Auto-Trail Tracker FB

WAS: £62,687.00

NOW: £53,495.00

Auto-Trail Apache 632

WAS: £58,995.00

NOW: £52,495.00

Auto-Trail Apache 634

WAS: £61,789.00

NOW: £52,495.00


Auto-Trail Frontier Scout

WAS: £76,470.00

NOW: £67,995.00


Auto-Trail Tracker RS

WAS: £62,924.00

NOW: £55,995.00

Auto-Trail Tribute F72

WAS: £56,268.00

NOW: £54,888.00

Auto-Trail Comanche S

WAS: £92,069.00

NOW: £81,995.00

Terms & Conditions Apply. This offer can not be used in conjunction with any other offers. Free Hab Check is valid if the Motorhome is purchased before the 30th of April 2021.

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