New motorhomes, new technology

Auto-Trail have just launched an online portal for 2019 models.

'My Auto-Trail' allows customers of certain models to access important information about their motorhome, receive location updates, easily view local and national dealerships and receive notifications about the status of the vehicle i.e. 'Risk of frost'. You can also manage your motorhome's levels and track its historical data.

There is an option on the online portal to set up notification by SMS or e-mail so that you will be alerted of the temperature of the water tank and if it has dropped close to freezing and if the vehicle and leisure battery is running too low.

The new system will be available on the 2019 Apache, Tracker and Frontier models, allowing owners to manage and monitor their motorhomes' status.

There is an optional extra at £95 per year for a tracking subscription so that you can be sure of the location of your motorhome and track it instantly if ever stolen.