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Affordable finance

Many motorists are familiar with PCP schemes, where brand new cars can be enjoyed for quite a modest monthly payment.

Better still is the news that for many people thinking of buying a pre-owned vehicle, a PCP backed by Lloyds Bank and its Black Horse Finance subsidiary can hand them the key to a brand new motorhome instead and like houses, we all love the idea of owning a motorhome that no-one has lived in before.

Saving for your next deposit

Frequently, the deposit required to set up a Black Horse PCP on a new vehicle is no more than that for a used one and, because only part of the vehicle’s value is being purchased, payments can be remarkably low, too.

After an initial deposit, monthly instalments are minimised because at the end of the agreement a final payment can be made or the vehicle handed back, often with sufficient equity to go towards the deposit for its replacement. So the PCP, as well as providing your new motorhome, can be designed with Black Horse to factor in enough equity as deposit on you next one.

Make your repair bills can become a distant memory

It’s a brilliant scheme, better in many ways than personal loans or hire purchase because you are effectively only buying ownership for the period you use the vehicle rather than purchasing all of it and then getting some back at trade-in or resale.

If you’re almost persuaded, consider the possible savings in running costs. It’s unlikely your PCP will extend beyond the motorhome manufacturer’s warranty. On some base vehicles this is five years and many converters have a 10-year habitation area warranty so repair bills can become a thing of the past. With the mileages most motorhomes cover, even new tyres are an unlikely purchase.

PCP = financial freedom with Wilmoths Motorhomes

So what’s not to like? Millions of car drivers have benefitted from the PCP and now Wilmoths Motorhomes is bringing it to the world of motorhomes in partnership with Black Horse Finance, part of the Lloyds banking group.

It’s a method of ownership that particularly suited to motorhomes. They are high value items, frequently kept for three or four years before being replaced. It’s the perfect ownership profile for PCP and we are ready to take you down that route.

​There are many advantages:

  • 7.2% APR Black Horse finance
  • Residual value certainty
  • Buy the motorhome outright or hand it back at the end of the agreement
  • Start another agreement, using equity built up with Black Horse as your deposit
  • The constant budget on monthly payments keeps control of costs
  • Take affordable holidays whenever you want for the lifetime of the agreement
  • Factor in enough for your next deposit

Prefer a purchase loan?

However, we also know that there are buyers who will always favour the purchase route to motorhome ownership and Black Horse leisure loans help them, too. With longer repayment periods that recognise the longer-term ownership commitment that many buyers make as well as the great value over long periods that motorhomes represent, interest rates on purchase loans are highly competitive so ask us about them, too.

Speak to the sales teams at both Southampton and Godalming to discover how we can help you put your money on a winning agreement with Black Horse and get you on the road with a new motorhome while leaving you with enough cash in your pocket to really enjoy it.

A finance deal to suit you

Thinking about the world of high finance is hardly what you want to do when you’d rather be dreaming about driving away for another break in your motorhome.

So let us get in the driving seat on the finance search so you can get in the driving seat for your road trips. Our contacts allow us to search sources you may never have heard of and which are not always offered through online comparison sites.

We’ll point you in the direction of the best deal. They you can set the satnav and head off in the direction of the best holiday destinations in your new motorhome from Wilmoths.

Competitive finance rates make for happy holidays

Finance companies know that motorhomes make a far better long term buy than an ordinary car.

So very often they are happy to provide the funds for a purchase over a much longer period than the normal three or four years for a car, but still at competitive interest rates.

Talk to us about the best deals that are available – tailored to suit your individual needs and budget. You’ll soon be enjoying happy holidays in your new or used motorhome from Wilmoths while enjoying relaxed interest rates, too!

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