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Motorhome owners are fastidious about their vehicles and with good reason as they represent a significant investment on wheels.

After a long holiday trip it can be hard work to get everything pristine again and it’s here that Wilmoths Motorhomes can lend a helping hand.

No one knows how to make motorhomes look and feel their best more than our team of valeters. These experts are at your disposal to add sparkle to your motorhome when you are too busy or want that extra professional finish.

Always the highest standards

There are two levels of valet preparation and although the higher level takes only an hour or two longer for most motorhomes, it gives a longer lasting protection through the use of higher grade products. A Premium Exterior Valet is priced at £120, while the Exterior Rejuvenation Valet costs £200. With the Premium, after four have been purchased you are entitled to a fifth one free.

Naturally, you’ll want an equally polished feel for the inside of your motorhome so we can give the interior a full spruce up for an additional £75.

Call Wilmoths Motorhomes and find out how we can help.

Premium exterior valet

  • Approx 6-8 hours to complete
  • Caravans or motorhomes £120
  • After 4 get 1 free
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Exterior rejuvenation valet

  • Higher grade cleaning products
  • Approx 9 hours to complete
  • Caravans or motorhomes £200
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