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Wilmoths will forecast 2018 for Broadlands crowds

Wonder how 2018 is going to look? If you go to the Motorhome Show at Broadlands this weekend (September 15 th to 17 th ), the team from Wilmoths Motorhomes can give you a good idea.

Motorhomes from the 2018 ranges are now being unveiled, with important additions from British maker Auto-Trail plus some exciting developments across all the brands sold by Wilmoths.

Sales staff will be explaining all the latest news and also offering great deals on new motorhomes remaining from 2017 stock as well as highly competitive prices on a wide selection of used vehicles.

There’s no better way to experience the freedom of the open road in a motorhome, stopping where the whim takes you and even wild camping if you head across the border to Scotland.

This year has been one of the best ever for motorhome sales, which means there’s a good selection of used vehicles available through Wilmoths for those who want to find out all about this exciting lifestyle and try it for the first time.

Whether it’s in a compact Romahome camper or the very best of the luxurious Pilote and Le Voyageur ranges, the Wilmoths team can hand you the keys to your new adventure.

They can also give advice on insurance, any accessories you may need, and finance – Wilmoths has the backing of Black Horse, which is happy to fund motorhome purchases over longer purchases because it recognises the long-term value of these special vehicles.

So come to Broadlands this weekend and let the Wilmoths team forecast the delights that 2018 could hold for you!